Until 1697, all known swans were white. Then Willem de Vlamingh, a Dutch explorer discovered black swans in what is now called West Australia. What was considered impossible earlier, changed forever. Using this metaphor, Beyond CBSE is about both the swans: CBSE resources are the white swans  and ‘Beyond’ resources are the black swans. Both are integrated seamlessly for you.

Communication skills in English, building up your vocabulary, A-V aids, creative writing, crosswords and quizzes, appreciation of poetry, knowing about authors and their works , language conventions will be  “Black swan” tools at your disposal to learn English as a skill, not a subject taught in school.

Flip through the specimens that cover a wide range of topics in speaking, listening, reading and writing and give you a preview of the quality of the resources.

Let’s explore, discover and learn new things together. It’s an odyssey and the experience will be enriching!   

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